Customer Value Creation Behavior

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date 2020-09-04 11:31


Author: Youjae Yi
Publisher: Routledge; 1st edition

We all live in a service-based economy right now, and the role of customers has changed from passive buyers to active value creators. Customers are actively engaged in the value creation process, and customer value creation behavior has become an essential phenomenon. For the competitive advantage of the firm, employees need to change from exclusive service providers to value facilitators.  Firms must now change their paradigm from treating customers as mere buyers to engaging customers as value creators. This book sheds insight into the essentiality of understanding customer value creation behavior for enhancing firm performance.

This book is also a comprehensive reference critically analyzing the current state of customer value creation behavior.  It covers theoretical foundations, measurement, antecedents and consequences of customer value creation behavior, in addition to applications in specific and various contexts.  The book also highlights the importance of  understanding the dimensional structure of customer value creation behavior for accurate results of empirical research.  In addition, the book also examines customer value destruction behavior or dysfunctional customer behavior.

This book challenges the conventional belief that handling customer complaints equates with handling dysfunctional customer behavior and provides useful insights for handling employees and customers.

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